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Today's Horoscope (Cancer) - Sapphires & Chocolate

Aug. 20th, 2004 04:43 pm Today's Horoscope (Cancer)

"If there is something you need to go out and fight for, this is the time to do it, dear Cancer. For a while now, you have been collecting data and doing research on the best way to proceed. The time has come to take action. You have an extra boost of physical vitality, and your warrior instinct is strong. You feel like a volcano ready to spit out the hot and boiling lava. Trust and follow your instincts."

--I do indeed have quite a few things I've been collecting data on and time's running out to get'er done
--I really wonder about the psychology behind horoscope writing that makes them always apply to some part of everyone's life. I doubt that many horoscope writers took classes or something..

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