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Singer/Actress Beyonce and her $4.7 million hair - Sapphires & Chocolate

Aug. 20th, 2004 05:08 pm Singer/Actress Beyonce and her $4.7 million hair

(Link: http://entertainment.msn.com/celebs/article.aspx?news=166963)

"Mane Event
Beyonce's precious locks. Plus, Cruise's touchy topics

by Kat Giantis
MSN Entertainment
August 19, 300

Beyonce might want to consider insuring her long, luscious mane from unforeseen coif catastrophes, because it's worth about $47 a strand. The good folks at the Smoking Gun reveal the Grammy-winning star will pocket $4.7 million from her five-year contract with L'Oreal, which obliges her to toil less than two weeks per year.

According to the terms of the endorsement deal, Beyonce, 22, must report to work 10 days annually for photo shoots, promotional stops, and personal appearances (though none that requires her to rub shoulders with the riff-raff -- the contract specifically nixes gigs at stores "open to the public").

The company also has an option for two additional days of Beyonce's valuable time, but it must cough up $25,000 daily for the privilege.

Sure, it sounds like easy money, but the cosmetic giant has a few follicle conditions that Beyonce must follow. In addition to maintaining the "same physical appearance and health," Jay-Z's better half must keep her hair in "excellent condition" and notify the company of "any radical change" to her locks. So, extra poundage, split ends, and a blonde mullet are all major don'ts. Beyonce must also avoid going anywhere near products bearing the name Revlon or Clairol.

The most humiliating stipulation: L'Oreal has the right to "periodically monitor the condition" of the singer's hair, though it will generously give her two weeks notice before conducting the strand inspection.

The contract recently came to light in connection with a lawsuit filed against Beyonce by Wilhelmina Artist Management over allegedly unpaid commissions."

--I think Beyonce is one of the prettiest, honest and hard-working women in the spotlight, but I've never thought her hair was that great. I've seen her ads for L'Oreal and in them her hair looks shiny and smooth, usually.. but all too often it looks over-done and poofy.. dried-out.. I just don't think it's worth $4.7 million. I'd be scared silly to sign a contract like that, my hair can get crazy just by changing my diet. I can't imagine what it would look like with all that stress she must go through every day and all the styling.

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