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Canadian Idol - Sapphires & Chocolate

Aug. 20th, 2004 05:22 pm Canadian Idol

(Link: http://www.ctv.ca/idol/gen/Competitor.html)

Yes I watch this show every week, we tape it on the PVR but we usually watch it in time to vote. We usually vote for Teresa & Elena and then whichever one of the boys did the best that night. Last 2 weeks it's been Shane. My favorite performances this year so far are:

Elena Juatco: Mary Jane (I'd never heard the song before and her version kicked ass. I listened to the original after and I still liked Elena's version better)

Shane Wiebe: The Way I Feel (Again, never heard it before but it was so very powerful and heartfelt I loved it)

Shane Wiebe: Angel (Again x2, never heard it before.. This performance finally helped me convince Ken that we should give our third vote to Shane. He seems to get more confident each time and his voice kicks ass)

That doesn't mean I don't have other favorites:
Teresa Sokyrka: I love her voice and she's such a nice sweet girl. I call her "Canada's little sister" and joked that all of Canada will be doing background checks on anyone she gets involved with in the future.

Kalan Porter: I agree with what Judge Jake Gold said in the last show.. "there's no reason a voice like that should come out of someone who looks like you" Love his song choices which include, Paint it Black, House of the Rising Sun and Born to be Wild.

Danielle Falco: She was in the "Top 32" and I thought she did well. I don't remember what she sang but I thought she would be in the "Top 10"

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